WeBid is an Advanced Interactive PHP & MySQL Database Driven auction script. Our automated site-specific Install Script allows most installations to be done in as little 1-2 hours.

It is recommended that you review all information contained in this manual prior to installing WeBid.

Terms and Symbols

Terms and Symbols as used in this manual:

> = Continue to the Next Procedural Step.

-> = Make a Menu Selection and subsequent Sub-Menu selection in the WeBid Admin Control Panel.

Folder = Refers to a folder on your computer hard drive regardless of operating system.

Directory = Refers to a directory on your hosted internet domain web server.

AdminCP = Abbreviation for the WeBid Administration Control Panel.

Relative Path = The Server Path to your WeBid program. Usually detected properly by the WeBid Install Script.

“data” = The “” Quotes are not used when you enter data as the “” only contain the data you need to use.

WeBid Program URL = (To execute WeBid Program)

AdminCP URL = (To execute WeBid Admin Control Panel)

Minimum Server Requirements

Minimum Web Server requirements for proper operation of the WeBid Auction Script

  • HTTP Server. For example: Apache. mod_rewrite is preferred, but by no means required.
  • PHP 5.2 or greater with either having the following configuration:
    • GD 2.0 or greater
    • BCMath enabled
    • PDO enabled
  • MySQL Database 4.1 or higher


Below we have provided Instructions to allow an advanced internet user/webmaster to:

  • Download the WeBid Auction Script;
  • Unzip, Upload and properly set WeBid’s File and Directory Permissions; and
  • Configure initial WeBid Administration Options.

The Install.php script included with WeBid will:

  • Automatically create and populate the required MySQL Database Tables;
  • Auto-Detect the Relative Server Path (in most cases);
  • Provide a form for entering Database connection information; and
  • Test Critical File and Directory Permission settings.
  1. Download WeBid Auction Script: a. Download the latest full (or required update) version of WeBid GNU/GPL FREE auction script. b. WeBid script is available FREE from the Official WeBid online website at

  2. Unzip the compressed WeBid Package file: - Unzip WeBid to a folder on your computer hard drive.

  3. Create a MySql database or have your Hosting Company create one for you (Php and MySQL Specifications are listed Above). a. We Suggest creating the MySQL database first then upload the WeBid files as it usually takes time to create a database. b. During the the WeBid install script process, you will need available to you the following Information:

    • Database Name;
    • Database Host Location address; (Sometimes “LOCALHOST” but, not always. Check with your host company.)
    • Database Username;
    • Database Password; and
    • Correct server relative path to your WeBid directory (For example /home/html/webid-directory/ );<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> Relative Path must include ending / (for linux server) and \ (for Windows server)
    • Your WeBid Auction site Administrator email address.
  4. Upload all Webid files and folders (except for docs folder) to your hosted domain using a FTP program. - You can upload WeBid to the root directory or a sub-directory on your hosted domain

    NOTE: If you are going to run multiple WeBid scripts on your server, you will need to install WeBid in sub-directories.

  5. Modify WeBid directories and files permissions on your host domain. (CHMOD) NOTE: Where possible use 755 instead of 777 a. Check to verify your FTP Program set image files to CHOD 644 b. CHMOD File Permissions that are necessary to allow for the proper operation of the WeBid Auction Script are as follows:

    • /includes/ 777

      NOTE: After installation is complete this file will be renamed, change the file to CHMOD 644

    • /includes/ 777

    • /includes/ 777

    • /language/EN/ 777

    • /language/EN/ 777

    1. CHMOD Directory Permissions necessary are as follows:
    • /uploaded/ 777
    • /uploaded/cache 777
  6. Executing the WeBid Installation script using your internet browser: a. (this is just an example, your URL will differ). b. On the first page select either Install or Upgrade as required. c. Enter your server path; MySQL Database information; admin email address and verify writable files and directories.

    • Verify that the auto-detected document root path is correct including the trailing / on a Linux/Unix web server.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> On a Windows server the document root path will have a double backslash \ at the end of this path;
    • Enter the email address used to contact your auction administrator and referenced in outgoing WeBid site email;
    • Enter the Database Host address (Sometimes this address is LOCALHOST but, not always)
    • Enter the Database username;
    • Enter the Database password;
    • You can change/delete Database Prefex. (Using a DBPrefix allows you to have multiple scripts in same database);
    • Make sure that “Import Default Categories” is selected.
    • If all listed files and directories are writable, you will see an Install Button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click the Install Button to finish install configuration process; and to create and populate database tables.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> If you receive an ERROR here, the ERROR will usually be related to incorrect Database Information.<br>Please verify entered information is correct. You may have to contact your hosting company to verify.
    • Upon successful install completion, you’ll be asked to delete Install directory prior to accessing AdminCP.
    • Delete the WeBid Install directory on your hosted domain using your FTP program.
    • Now, click the link on the finished installing WeBid Landing Page to access the AdminCP for your WeBid site.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> AdminCP is located at (Your URL will differ).

Basic Setup

  1. Creating Administrator Account: Admin Username and Password. a. The first time you are presented with the AdminCP Login page you will be asked to “Create” an admin user account. b. Simply enter “CORRECTLY” the admin username and password of your choice and click OK. c. The Admin User Account is created immediately and stored in the MySQL Database adminusers table. d. Login to the AdminCP using the Admin Username and Password you just created.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> If your attempt to log in to the AdminCP fails use the following procedure to clear the username and password. e. Deleting Admin Usernames and associated passwords will allow you to recreate them again on next Admin login attempt.

    • Login to your MySql database myphpadmin console at your hosting company website Cpanel / User Console.
    • Once logged in to myphpadmin verify correct database name is listed.
    • Click on this database name in the Tree List on left upper part of the page. (location in most cases)
    • The database tables should now appear in the center of the page.
    • Scroll down the page until you locate the adminusers table (In center of the page, not in the tree to left).
    • Select the box left of the adminusers table.
    • Move to the right along adminusers table listing and locate the “EMPTY” Icon.
    • Clicking the Empty Icon will remove all adminusers and passwords from the adminusers table.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> For Security Reasons = “Immediately” access your AdminCP Login page again and create your new Adminuser account.
    • Login to your WeBid AdminCP and configure the below settings.
  2. Configuring site specific settings located using the AdminCP Menu: a. Settings -> General Settings: Site Name = Enter your Auction Site Name. b. Settings -> General Settings: Site URL = (Must have “http://” & ending “/”) c. Settings -> General Settings: Admin eMail = Enter the email address of your auction site administrator.

  3. Using your Internet Browser go to your WeBid Auction site to make sure it is working properly.<br>(For Example: URL Address to WeBid Auction Program: a. Register at least two accounts. b. Create an auction; include pictures using the gallery upload; set one at “Buy Now” configuration; etc. c. Buy the item with a second user account. d. Test Feedback. and e. Test Message Boards f. Test Winner system emails such as Winner eMail, etc.

  4. Additional Admin Control Panel settings that should be changed prior to registering auction users: a. Adding additional languages to WeBid (Optional):<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span><br>This requires code change in PHP files to enable additional language(s).<br>It is recommended that only users with prior experience modifying PHP code files should<br>atempt to add additional language files to WeBid.

    • English is the default language for WeBid using the language files .EN..php
    • Review additional information in the AdminCP -> Preferences -> Multilingual support.
    • Also, review information available at concerning Multilingual Support.
    • If you are in USA, you will need to replace the UK Flag file /inclues/flags/EN.gif with a US Flag.
    1. Adding or modifying Auction Categories using the AdminCP Categories Table Tree Update Page.
    • AdminCP -> Settings ->Categories-Categories Table:
    • To edit categories navigate the categories hierarchy. Click on the “+ symbol” left of a particular category or sub-category to browse the subcategories tree under that specific category.
    • In each level you’ll be able to add a new category, edit the categories description and delete as necessary.<br><span style=”color:red”>NOTE:</span> Only a category under which (or under its subcategories) there are no active auctions can that particular category be deleted. An “empty” DELETE checkbox only appears for categories which can be deleted. Deleting a category will automatically delete all the subcategories. Where required, deleted categories will only be “marked” as deleted but, still visible for closed auction.
    1. Select the Correct Country Currency for your auction site:
    • Preferences > Currencies Settings: Pick your Country’s Currency from list.
    1. Set the correct time zone for your auction site (if applicable):
    • Preferences -> Time Settings: Pick correct number + / - hours from GMT Time for your location.
    1. Set the correct Date format for your auction site:
    • Preferences -> Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy “or” dd/mm/yyyy
    1. Creating the About Us Page:
    • Contents -> About Us Page: Enter information about your Auction Site.
    1. Creating the Terms & Condition Page:
    • Contents -> Terms & Conditions Page: Enter the terms and use restrictions for your auction site.
    1. Enabling, Creating and Deleting Messages Boards (WeBid Internal Simple Message Boards):
    • Enable Message Board System -> Contents -> Message Boards -> Message Board Settings: Enable “OR” Disable.
    • Create New Message Board -> Contents -> Message Boards -> New Message Board.
    • Delete Message Board -> Contents -> Message Boards -> Message Boards Management.

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