Before updating make a note of all edits you have made to the script as they will all be lost

  1. Upload all the files except the docs directory
  2. CHMOD the uploaded directory to 0777
  3. CHMOD the includes/config.inc.php to 0777
  4. CHMOD the includes/countries.inc.php to 0777
  5. CHMOD the includes/membertypes.inc.php to 0777
  6. CHMOD the language/EN/categories.inc.php to 0777
  7. CHMOD the language/EN/categories_select_box.inc.php to 0777
  8. CHMOD the cache directory to 0777
  9. go to http://yoursite/webid/install/update.php and follow the steps

10. go to http://localhost/WeBid/admin/index.php -> SETTINGS -> Categories Table and click process changes to update the category files Note: if you have a custom template and it doesn’t work on the new version check at http://www.webidsupport.com for help

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